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The whale shark in Oslob, Cebu Province is one of the most fascinating attractions on this tropical island. These whale sharks are locally called as butanding . You can experience and enjoy your close encounter with these creatures in this province if you travel in Tanawan Town down in the southern part of Cebu The Whale Shark Watching and Feeding in Cebu became a popular activity early this year after foreigners discovered that Butanding's exists in the southern part of the island. The town of Oslob, a three-hour bus ride from Cebu City, is the first to take advantage of these gentle giants

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  2. Whale sharks in Donsol are called Butanding. In Oslob, whale sharks are called Tuki. The tuki feed off krill and plankton that are abundant in the area all year round, and therefore these baby whale sharks can be seen in Oslob all year round, too. Here is a video footage of whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu, Philippines
  3. g with the gentile giants in Oslob, Cebu Philippines, THE WHALE SHARKS (butanding).Car used: Cebu Easy Rent A Car www.faceboo..

Whale Shark (Butanding) maltreatment in Boljoon and Oslob

  1. Our tour package here in Tan-awan Oslob Cebu are as follows. A). Whale Watching Viewing (above boat)....for filipinos...300.00 pesos per person...and for foreigner.....500.00 pesos. Snorkeling....for filipinos 500.00 pesos per persons...and for foreigner 1,000.00 pesos. B). Side Trip Boat Service toSumilon Islan
  2. Whale shark watching activity in Oslob is an undeniable a popular attraction all over the world and yet also controversial. This incredible experience prompts tourist visitors to flock to Oslob shores to encounter these gentle giants. Whale shark watching tours combined with other popular tours in southern Cebu can fill your day with full of fun.
  3. Bus between Cebu City and Oslob (roundtrip) Php 155 x 2 = Php 310: Whale Shark Watching: Php 500 (locals) Habal-habal ride to Tumalog Falls: Php 120: Tumalog Falls Entrance Fee: Php 20: Food: Php 100 per head per meal: GRAND TOTAL : Php 950 (US
  4. The south east of Cebu is now famous as the site of whale shark watching, in Tanawan, Oslob. It's 140 km. away from Maribago, Mactan, with 3-4 hours travel by car. Whale Sharks visibility in Oslob was noted late last year with a school of 22, but as of the month of June 40 are visible in the area including the one which has a Tag in its tail as Baha, California, USA registered
  5. Oslob prepares for arrival of tourists for butanding. THE mayor of Oslob, Cebu, which is starting to be called whale shark town, Mayor Ronald Guaren, presented to Gov. Gwen Garcia yesterday a resolution dividing earnings from tourists. Of the earnings from the whale shark attraction, 60 percent goes to the fishermen, 10 percent to Barangay.

Finally visited the home of whale sharks, also locally known as Butanding in south part of Cebu. They can be found playfully swimming with the tourist in a small Barangay of Tan-awan Oslob. Whale shark watching started last September 2011. Now, it become as one of the popular destination of tourist in Cebu Stop the Maltreatment of Whale Sharks in Oslob & Boljoon. For the information of many avid readers of this travel blog, a viral photo of a girl standing on top of a whale shark, locally known as Butanding (Tagalog) and Tuki (Visayan), in Boljoon (NOT Oslob) in Cebu, has been the topic on social networking websites recently Whale Shark Watching is on the bucket list of many people around the world. Since a few years, the Butanding Tours to Oslob on Cebu Island are famous with tourists and locals. While many are using local your operators to organize the trip or go from one of the Dive Resorts in Dauin on a day trip to dive or snorkel with the whale sharks, it can also be done by public transports from.

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Oslob, officially the Municipality of Oslob, is a 4th class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 27,893 people. Oslob is bordered to the north by the town of Boljoon, to the west are the towns of Ginatilan And Samboan, to the east is the Cebu Strait, and to the south is the town of Santander I clocked out early so I could meet up with my friends outside. We were going to see the whale sharks ( butanding in Tagalog or tuki in Bisaya) in Oslob, Cebu! Whale Shark Sighting in Oslob, Cebu, Philippines. December 23, 2011. Butanding or Tuki Encounter Oslob, Cebu. View Google Map Go whale shark watching in Oslob and experience a giant adventure. Venture out to the southern end of Cebu and experience a giant adventure with Oslob's famous whale sharks or butanding. About 100km from the city and a 3-hour ride by car,.

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Hand-fed butandings in Oslob 'significantly scarred' — study. ADVERTISEMENT. Lack of management intervention on tourism activities, such as hand-feeding, has led to increased injuries on endangered whale sharks or butanding in Oslob, Cebu, according to a study by marine experts. Published this week in the journal Aquatic Conservation, Marine and. Since a few years, the Butanding Tours to Oslob on Cebu Island are famous with tourists and locals. While many are using local your operators to organize the trip or go from one of the Dive Resorts in Dauin on a day trip to dive or snorkel with the whale sharks, it can also be done by public transports from Dumaguete While tourismis booming, environmentalists are concerned after a study found that Oslob's whale sharks, locally known as butanding, are harmed by their close contact with fishermen and. DIY: Oslob, Cebu Philippines A fascinating encounter with the Gentle Giants! Last year, I was assigned to work solo around the island of Cebu. After being gone to Bantayan Island, Malapascua Island and Moal Boal, I did not let the chance pass without seeing the Genlte Giants

Butanding in oslob cebu. If you want to visit for the whale shark watching experience, then a cebu van rental service is best for you. Just dial 09202449658 and i will bring you there for P3000 10 person. This include pick and deliver to Cebu City in the afternoon BUTANDING | OSLOB, CEBU, PHILIPPINES | SEPTEMBER 2013. Whale sharks are known as the Cows of the Sea, and by that logic, we can call them the Your Mother of the Sea. (False. Dugongs are attributed that nickname. Again, Forest doesn't like to do his research.) Whale sharks, locally called the butanding, are the largest of the sharks, and also. CEBU CITY, Philippines - Income earned by Oslob town in southeastern Cebu from whale-shark (butanding in Cebuano) watching activities has increased, state auditors reported. The Commission on Audi - Take a CERES BUS going to BATO via OSLOB. Fare (Php150-200 or $3-4).Time (3-4 hours bus ride). Tell the driver that you are going to WHALE SHARK WATCHING in OSLOB. BY TAXI - Ride a Taxi from the airport in going to Whale Shark Watching in Oslob. Just tell them you are going to see the the WHALE SHARK in OSLOB Years ago, Oslob was nowhere in the tourism map of Cebu. Not until, the whale sharks came. Yes, when we say Oslob, it's equivalent to saying I'm-gonna-say-Hi-to-my-butanding-friends! But this sleepy, laid-back town has other things to offer. Planning to visit Oslob soon? Here are my four things you must do in Oslob. Swim with the Whale Shark

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Cebu's pride is the butanding-watching or the whale shark watching in Oslob, Cebu. People from all over the world got curious and they came to pay a visit to the Queen City of the South- Cebu to experience the extraordinary and remarkable scenery of this large friendly mammal But it was truly a very great experience even if many had came to the popular butanding (bisaya for whale shark) in Oslob, which is located in the far southern part of Cebu. To get to Oslob by the way, you have to ride a Bus or a car (if can endure the long hours of travel/drive). Indeed it was a long ride to get there, from the City Proper. After we had our Whale Shark Butanding experience, off we went to the hidden and breathtaking curtain-like waterfalls of Oslob. Let's go! How to get there: Cebu City to Oslob (Updated 2019

Now, the whale sharks have become a tourist attraction in Oslob, 117 kilometers south of Cebu City. They are locally called tuki and in Donsol, butanding In the meantime, for those in Cebu City who are keen to encounter the butanding, here are some must-know points: To go to Oslob, head to South Terminal in Cebu City. There, there are buses heading to Oslob (even as early as 1:00AM), taking from three to four hours (depending on the traffic conditions). Airconditioned bus fare is P165 They are also locally known as Butanding. They can be found playfully swimming with the tourist in a small Barangay of Tan-awan Oslob, south part of Cebu. Whale shark watching started on September 2011. Now, it become as one of the popular destination of tourist in Cebu Aug 11-12, 2012 The Ruins of Oslob, Cebu Location:. Municipality of Oslob, Cebu Province Butanding It might be safe to say that Oslob was put on the map when a picture was posted on National Geographic of a local fisherman hand-feeding a whale shark (butanding).I've heard that story being bounced around, but I could not verify that through my Google searches

Years ago, Oslob was nowhere in the tourism map of Cebu. Not until, the whale sharks came. Yes, when we say Oslob, it's equivalent to saying I'm-gonna-say-Hi-to-my-butanding-friends!But this sleepy, laid-back town has other things to offer A local boatman in Barangay Tan-awan, Oslob town southern Cebu feeds a whale shark (butanding or tuki in Cebuano) during the ceremonial reopening of Cebu's tourism industry on Friday, July 31, 2020

April 30th, 2014 - Cebu to Oslob by Bus I woke up at 3:30am and took a taxi to the Cebu bus station, which only took 10 minutes to get to due to the lack of traffic. Even though there were air-conditioned buses to Oslob, I hopped into the first regular bus leaving the bus station — mostly because I didn't want to wait, or freeze Ermi Beach Resort, National Highroad 1, Gawi, Oslob, Cebu, ☎ +639328449048. Ermi Beach Resort is situated in a place closer to the ocean with an excellent panoramic view to Bohol, Siquijor, Negros and other islands Oslob Whale Sharks: Awesome butanding - See 2,635 traveler reviews, 2,871 candid photos, and great deals for Oslob, Philippines, at Tripadvisor. Cebu Island Tourism Cebu Island Hotel

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Review of Oslob Whalesharks. Reviewed 14 November 2017 via mobile. The best time to go for butanding during the early morning @ 6am weekdays. From Oslob town simply take the local jeepney for only p10 fare to whale watching site. Approx. 10mins ride. The briefing sessions is a bit hush but in overall its okay 1. Carmen Cebu Safari - giraffes, gazelles, lions, tigers and other animals from the savannah, this is the nearest place to experience Africa!. 2. Cebu Oceanarium- the biggest ocean park in the country allows interaction with giant manta rays and other sea creatures from different oceans in the world.. 3. Oslob Butanding Interaction and Wild Monkeys Sanctuary Oslob is a town in the southern part of Cebu Island that is a 2 hours away from Cebu City. Recently, the 4th class municipality became a famous spot for whale shark watching. The butanding watching has exponentially increased the town's tourist arrivals and income. In Oslob, you will have an up close and personal experience with these massive fish

Without further ado, here are some famous attractions to visit in Oslob. 1 - Whale shark (Butanding) watching. Also known as Butanding, watching and diving with them is one of Oslob's amazing highlights. The real reason why most of the local and international tourists are visiting Oslob is whale watching Cebu 2015 Day 2: Butanding Watching at Tan-awan, Oslob. By Tin Gallemaso - 12:57:00 AM. I woke up to this very disturbing news published by Philstar about the mayor of Dumanjung, Cebu named Nelson Garcia saying that, Dolphins, whales and sharks are parasites. Hence, should be killed Oslob is a small municipality in the southern tip of Cebu Island, Philippines. It encompasses 21 barangays (villages), including Tan-awan, where the whale shark feeding occurs. Aside from Cebu, you can often embark on the whale shark tours from Dumaguete and Bohol, hence many tourists are not actually sure where the feeding and interaction takes place

Once in Cebu City, we went to South Terminal to catch a bus to Oslob. An aircon bus (they call the line Ceres) leaves every 15mins. When you enter the terminal, you have to pay P5, and then proceed to Gate 15 where the bus to Oslob is parked Me and my friends decided to see and experience how it is to be in close contact with a butanding, so off to Oslob we went! We all met up at the South Bus terminal at around 9 in the morning, Got into the bus at 10 which makes it pretty late. Pfft. Getting There: Head off to South Bus Terminal BUS Fare (non-aircon) 150.00 Peso Posts about oslob cebu written by george streets. the whale shark or popularly known as the butanding in the philippines is a great treasure As for those who are planning to ride the pump boat, a V-hire bound for Cebu City would await for you in the designated port which can take you to the Butanding location. As for us, we decided to ride on a motorcab from Liloan Santader Port to Oslob because we were not able to make it on the same fast craft ride Beach, Guiwang, Alcoy Cebu, Philippines; -8 minutes to Obong Spring directly seaside (Dalaguete, Cebu, 6022 Philippines): -20 minutes to the famous Butanding Whale sharks in Oslob Cebu Philippines; -30 minutes to Aguinid Falls in the quiet municipali..

Visit Cebu! Visit Butanding in Oslob! Anything you want to know, or ask, just comment below! For a Place to Stay and Cebu Tour Convenience! Please Contact Me: Charlet Oberes 09472667056 / Leuterio Realty and Brokerage Agent... My experience with the butanding was priceless. Thanks to Elizabeth, the Municipal Tourism Officer of the said municipality for being so accommodating :) Bembi Tan-Perez July 14, 2015. oslob cebu • oslob cebu photos • oslob cebu location • oslob cebu address • oslob cebu • municipality of oslob cebu • oslob cebu Looc, Oslob, Cebu. A private and homey resort for those vacationers planning to swim with the whale sharks in Southern Cebu. The Lighthouse Resort. NEW! Backpackers' Hostel. The Lighthouse Resort. A house by the sea that you can call home Of those ten choices one that really stood out was the incredible opportunity to swim with whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu. Years ago Christine was fortunate enough to come across a couple of whale sharks while diving in Honduras, which can be rare, and we'd heard it was pretty easy to replicate those experiences in Cebu Oslob Whale Shark Watching Join In Day Tour from Cebu. Tick off a bucket list experience and get a chance to swim and snorkel with whale sharks in the Philippines! Enjoy a scenic 3-hour drive along the Southern Cebu coastline accompanied by an experienced local driver. Capture your whaleshark swimming experience with a GoPro rental included in.

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  1. CEBU CITY, Philippines —Whale sharks which locals refer to as tuki (butanding) are the attraction that brought tourists' eyes, foreign and locals alike, to the southern Cebu town of Oslob
  2. Now, the whale sharks have become a tourist attraction in Oslob, 117 kilometers south of Cebu City. They are locally called tuki and in Donsol, butanding. Visitors want to see and swim.
  3. Php 1, 000. 00 - Foreign guest (inclusive boat ride and snorkeling gears) Scuba Diving (1 ticket is good for 1 hour) Php 600.00 - Local guest (diving gears are not included) Php 1, 500. 00 - Foreign guest (diving gears are not included) Child 3 years old and below are free of charge
  4. Once a sleepy town in Cebu, Oslob has now awakened and in no doubt in the lead when it comes to tourism in Cebu. Almost everyone I knew who went to the Queen City of the South has set foot in this town even that it is 4 hours away from the city proper. Honestly, it is also because of the rising fame of Oslob that I decided to book a ticket in Cebu

DIY: Oslob, Cebu Philippines A fascinating encounter with the Gentle Giants! Last year, I was assigned to work solo around the island of Cebu. After being gone to Bantayan Island, Malapascua Island and Moal Boal, I did not let the chance pass without seeing the Genlte Giants.. One weekend, I packed my bags and headed for Oslob and started the enchanting journey Donsol Vs. Oslob: Why Donsol is a Better than Oslob, Cebu. For people Googling for whale sharks in the Philippines, you probably have encountered the place called Oslob, Cebu - the most photographed, most controversial and most disrespectful whale shark watching attraction in the Philippines

Oslob Homestay is a small house that caters to a maximum of 8 people. It has a private swimming pool, a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a parking lot and has an access to the beach for a price of Php4,900/night. It's owned by a French-Filipino couple who lives right beside. I recommend this place to anyone! 3 Butanding Whale Shark Watchin Apart from the whale shark (locally called butanding) watching activities, there's a lot more that Oslob has to offer. Here are the other tourist attractions of this southern town: Heritage Sites and Structures Calle Aragones Built in 1879, this is the oldest street in Oslob

Oslob prepares for arrival of tourists for butanding

Swimming with the gentle giants in Oslob Cebu Philippine Oslob At the South tip of the island of Cebu lies Barangay Tan-awan in the town of Oslob. It may be just an ordinary community before but became very famous because of the arrival of the whale sharks referred by many as the gentle giants. They are locally called as butanding or tuki. These whal

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CEBU CITY—A photograph of a wounded butanding or whale shark has gone viral on social networking sites. The butanding turned out to be Fermin, one of the whale sharks that regularly. My work last October 2012 in Cebu doesn't only cover the city, but we got to visit the now-famous Oslob - a small municipality in Cebu, located at the Southern tip of the province. Oslob was known for its butanding, which I personally believed to be the top choice if you want to see these gentle giants up close Experience a once in a life time adventure with this exciting day trip to Oslob! Take a private car charter for the day and head to Oslob, where you can swim and snorkel with whale sharks! Book through Klook and enjoy an experience of a lifetime for a discounted price! - Klook Philippine In Oslob, whale sharks showed every day for the whole year round and have become a famous attraction to tourists. One way of seeing these gentle giants is to go scuba diving; diving is the best way to swim alongside them Answer 1 of 8: Fees for observing the wonderful whale sharks in the waters off Oslob, Cebu island have markedly risen: Cebu Island. Cebu Island Tourism Cebu Island Hotels Cebu Island Bed and Breakfast Cebu Island Vacation Rentals Cebu Island Vacation Packages Flights to Cebu Islan

Stop the Maltreatment of Whale Sharks in Oslob & Boljoon

Oslob, a coastal town on the southern tip of Cebu province in the Philippines, is well-known for whale shark watching. Many locals and travellers head to Oslob to swim with whale sharks (or butanding, as Filipinos call them). ATTENTION: Before you go here, we want you to be aware of the consequences of swimming with these whale sharks in Oslob Adventure alaminos asia backpacker beach Beaches bigbuddha butanding cebu disneyland escapade hongkong hundredislands island islands oceanpark oslob oslob cebu Overseas pangasinan philippines resort Scenery seafari solo solotraveller Swimming tan-awan travel traveler traveller travelling travels victoriapeak whaleshark whale shark whale sharks whalesharks whalesharks watching whaleshark watchin Grieving May, Happy June and Swimming with the Whale Sharks in Oslob. Hello June! Hello rain! Goodbye sun-kissed beaches and rolling waves. It's the end of summer here in Cebu and the rest of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines (did the cartographers slip in Scarborough shoal for the count? ) alcoy is popular for their golden sandy beaches, which is around 25 minutes away from oslob - the butanding destination. in the dusk of dawn, we packed and speed up to oslob before sunrise came. in anticipation, there were already groups tenting around the area, waiting to be accomodated first in the line, when we arrived in the vicinity

cebu city butanding in oslob by Bai Cebu. butanding in oslob QUICK INQUIRY TOP 10 TOPICS OF THE MONTH . office space for rent in cebu city 2019; balitang bisdak live* banat news; filipiniana cebu; ayos dito.com; rent to own taxi cebu* top 100 corporations in cebu* party venues in cebu Oslob's 'crime' seems to be in making it to easy to access animals in their environment, so that the area becomes crowded and a bit of a circus, however feeding an twenty or thirty a day of an endangered species would seem to assist population recovery rather than harm it, - provided that it does not get carried out to excess Oslob, Cebu is famous as a breeding ground for butandings or whale sharks in the Philippines. Since Cebu is quite far, located in the Visayas region, we are suggesting another place just within Luzon where the butandings frequent in Bicol region This itinerary to Oslob, Cebu is tailor-made for those who wish to experience butanding watching, swimming with the sharks and a little bit of side trip all in one day. It is common practice for Cebu City locals to visit Oslob this way because it is more economical (average overnight room rate is P1000) Tumalog Falls, Oslob, Cebu (Also known as Toslob Falls or Mag-Ambak Falls?) 15 minutes away by car from the Butanding Watching area. Bring your own car or rent a habal-habal to bring you there. Related Blog Posts: Sinulog Fluvial Breakfast! The BEST of Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort; Butanding Watching, Is it Really More FUN in Oslob

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Oslob, Cebu I thought that the only way to have a close encounter with the whale sharks or butanding/tuki is to travel all the way to Donsol, Sorsogon which is undeniably, a million light-years away from Davao There is no wonder why Oslob often makes it to the top spots to visit in Cebu. The best thing about summer are these fire trees which give additional beauty to your photos. The popular whale sharks or butandings as we call it which frequent the beaches of this town made Oslob a famous tourists spot not just around its neighboring towns and islands but also across the country and even globally

A close ecounter with a whale shark, commonly known in the Philippines as Butanding. Whale watching is one of the tourist attraction in Oslob, Cebu. Another video of our encounter is posted in @takbophchic Oslob's whale shark watching is situated at Tanawan Barangay of Oslob , ten kilometre drive from the town centre. Approaching the place, we inquire first their rates and look for a good food for our lunch. Here's their Butanding Watching Rate: P500 each for local tourists. P1500 each for foreign tourist

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Whale Shark Watching in Oslob - Dumaguet

In the tiny town of Oslob, near the soutern tip of Cebu in the Philippines, these gentle giants or butanding come to eat the food that is provided by local fisherman. They used to eat them but now they are realizing that they are much more valuable for tourism Oslob is located on the southern tip of Cebu. It is well-known for its Whale Shark attraction that some say is better than the one in Donsol, Sorsogon. This was the highlight of my first Cebu trip as a backpacker. This also started my snorkeling adventure with a GoPro camera

Oslob, Cebu 2013 (Whale shark "Butanding" close encounter

1- Oslob. Stay in Island Front / Bangcogon Resort and Restaurant!. Oslob is definitely the first place YOU MUST visit on your trip to the South Of Cebu. Maybe you're thinkingwhy Oslob? And here's whyit is because, in that place, you can visit the 2 best South Cebu Tourist Spots: Whale Shark Watching and the fabulous island of Sumilon. In Oslob, we visited a few resorts but we truly. Oslob, Cebu is famous for its whaleshark watching adventure. But aside from this, the place also offers other activities that one can enjoy. Whaleshark watching is one of the main attractions in Oslob. It would cost you 500 per person with a life vest included in the fee. You are also given a bangka ride [ Whale shark or Butanding (commonly known in Filipino) is a slow-moving filter-feeding animal that is considered as the largest fish in the sea, measuring 40 feet or more. These sharks have very wide mouths which can reach nearly 5 ft. wide and can contain up to 350 rows of teeth. The head is flat and th Posts about Butanding written by chispunks. I went to Oslo alone—-not. As much as I wanted to be alone, I have friends everywhere, so time I spent alone was a bus ride to Carcar playing my Alternative Addiction P laylist and bus from Oslob to Cebu City listening to this.Carcar is a beautiful place Models swim with Oslob 'butanding' in fashion shoot. ABS-CBN News. Posted at Jan 10 2013 03:59 PM | Updated as of Jan 10 2013 11:59 PM. Share. Facebook.

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