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The Web Safe Colors are known for being the only colors supported by majority of browsers when computers displayed 256 colors. Get your Html Color codes with our color tools, HEX code, RGB, RGBA, HSL and HSLA values, including HSV, HWB and CMYK The color chart below lists the 216 web safe colors (as per the informal web safe colors standard). The respective hex color code and rgb color code are displayed over each color swatch. The hex color code is really just an rgb value that is in hexadecimal notation It's all about the subjective sense. It would be useful to appeal to the palette of 216 safe colors. It won't secure you against the excessive contrast range, but without doubts it guarantees that you and the user will perceive the same required color. #000000. #000033. #000066. #000099. #0000CC. #0000FF

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  1. Explore the 216 web safe colors. View the hex and RGB codes for each web safe color to use in HTML and CSS. Built by web designers, for web designers
  2. Web safe colors are formed by the combination of red, green and blue (RGB) hex values of 0,33H,66H,99H,CCH,FFH. This results with 6*6*6=216 colors. Previously browsers did not support display of more than 256 colors palette at the same time. With the new web browsers it is not necessary to use only these colors
  3. WEBSAFE COLORS. HTML EDITOR. Websafe colors. 000000. 000033. 000066. 000099. 0000CC. 0000FF
  4. Today computers can display millions of colors, and when using HEX and RGB codes you have 16,777,216 color combination options available. With that being said, the colors below show the Hex Code and the RGB Code of the original 216 web safe colors
  5. Use lower case when writing color codes. Web colors are represented as different intensities of red, blue, and green. The intensities are value from 1 to 255 and are written in three sets, one set for each color, indicating an intensity of red, blue or green. For example tan is represented as d2 b4 8c in hex code or 210 180 140 in decimal code
  6. Make Websafe Colors Insert a hexadecimal or RGB color value into the first box to convert it into a web-safe alternative. If you can see this, your browser doesn'

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216 Web Safe Colors Hexadecimal and RGB Values. Web-safe colors which including 216 colors can properly display color palette on different hardware environment, different operating systems or different browsers. So the 216 web-safe colors can avoid distortion of the original color David Lehn and Hadley Stern discovered that only 22 of the 216 colors in the web-safe palette are reliably displayed without inconsistent remapping on 16-bit computer displays. They called these 22 colors the really safe palette; it consists largely of shades of green, yellow, and blue All modern browsers support the following 140 color names (click on a color name, or a hex value, to view the color as the background-color along with different text colors): Click here to see the 140 colors sorted by HEX Value. AliceBlue. #F0F8FF HTML Color Codes. Each color displayed within the color chart below contains the hexadecimal values and the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Values. Select a color and copy & paste the hexadecimal value into your HTML document. Hexadecimal RGB Color Values - 216 Web Safe Color Char Web-Safe Colours. The diagram and table below identify the 216 web-safe, or browser-safe, colours. These are the only colours that can be displayed reliably across all browsers and operating systems. (i.e. the colours will not dither or band when used to display areas of flat colour). Web-safe diagra

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  1. Web Safe colors are defined in terms of RGB values of 0, 51, 102, 153, 204, and 255. These numbers might seem a bit random, but are in fact made up of multiples of 51. OK, you say, where does the 51 come from? Well I was asking myself the same question before I discovered that 51 is 20% of 255
  2. Color Values. In HTML, colors can also be specified using RGB values, HEX values, HSL values, RGBA values, and HSLA values. The following three <div> elements have their background color set with RGB, HEX, and HSL values: rgb (255, 99, 71) #ff6347. hsl (9, 100%, 64%
  3. 216 web safe colors. Colors by name. Color name. Hex. Red. Green. Blue. Hue. Saturation
  4. html#ffffff rgb 255 255 255 About Web Safe Colors There are still a lot of web developers that like to design with a simple palette - the hex values are easy to memorize and the palette is still large enough for typical stuff like link colors and borders
  5. Html Color Chart. We got hundreds of color combinations! Check out our color chart page to get inspired. Explore flat design colors, Google Material design, fluent colors, metro design scheme, all with HEX and RGB color codes
  6. HTML specifications also recognizes the following 16 colors, and they are also considered web safe. These colors are originally used as the standard EGA color palette. Re
  7. 色見本コンテンツは ブラウザで定義されているHTMLカラーネーム、 日本の伝統色、 世界の伝統色、 世界の伝統色、 Webセーフカラー、 パステルカラー、 ビビッドカラー、 モノトーン、 地下鉄のシンボルカラー、 国鉄制定の塗装色 の9つから構成され、特に日本の伝統色は古来伝わる先人の色彩感覚を現代に伝えるものとして多くの方々から支持をいただいています

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Check 216 web safe colors. HEX and RGB codes for each web safe color and much more informations Colors 16 colors Web safe back flap (X)HTML CSS Doctypes Entities CGI Scripts Events Hexadecimals Tools Old Way Chapters Extra Tips. Web Safe Colors. These colors will not dither on 8-bit (256-color) monitors. #000000 #000033 #000066 #000099 #0000CC #0000FF #003300 #003333 #003366 #003399 #0033CC #0033F COLOR MATRIX - ALL WEB-SAFE COLORS (6x6x6 = 216 colors) These colors work consistently across various browsers and operating systems. If you can see this, your browser doesn' The reason that the web safe color palette only has 216 colors is because of those 40 colors. Limiting the palette to 216 ensures that both Macs and PCs display all colors the same. Web safe color palette is/was also referred to as browser-safe palette, Netscape palette, 216 palette, web palette, and the 6x6x6 color cube. Web Safe Color Palett In the past, computer monitors were only capable of displaying up to 256 of the 16 million available colors. Therefore, a list of 216 web safe colors was created so developers could know what colors would be compatible with all types of displays.. Today, all modern display devices support millions of colors and web safe colors are not as important

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Specifying Web Safe Colors Within a Web Page If you would like to specify colors within your web page, you must set color attributes. Attributes determine the appearance of a web page, such as background color, text colors and fonts Definition Web safe colors, also known as browser safe colors, consist of 216 colors that display solid, non-dithered, and consistent on any computer monitor, or web browser, capable of displaying at least 8-bit color (256 colors). The reason why this palette contains only 216 colors, instead of the maximum 256 colors, is that only 216 ou Web Safe Colors; HTML Colors; Named Colors; Help. Web Safe HTML Color Codes / Reference Chart. aqua #00ffff; black #000000; blue #0000ff; fuchsia #ff00ff; gray #808080; green #008000; lime #00ff00; maroon #800000; navy #000080; olive #808000; purple #800080; red #ff0000; silver #c0c0c0; teal #008080; white #ffffff; yellow #ffff0 The 216 cross-platform web-safe color palette was created to ensure that all computers would display the colors correctly when running a 256 color palette: 000000. 000033. 000066. 000099. 0000CC. 0000FF. 003300. 003333 You are limited to a certain range of greens (including these) if you address the web-safe range of hues. If you use a green that is not one of the web-safe colors - and if someone's computer is limited to 256 colors - the green will consist of a series of green dots (from the web-safe greens) that approximate the color

Web Safe Colors - HTML Color Code

216 Web Safe Colors. 000000. 000033. 000066. 000099. 0000cc. 0000ff. 003300. 003333 Notice that all safe colors are Hex Triples. Colors that might be useful in areas of a web page where you want subtle coloring, such asin the backgrounds of table cells to give emphasis to text, are marked Soft. Soft. Hex Swatch. Hex Code. Dec Code. % Code. HSL Code The web-safe colors do not all have standard names, but each can be specified by an RGB triplet: each component (red, green, and blue) takes one of the six values from the following table (out of.. Web Safe, or Browser Safe colours consist of 216 colors that display non-dithered, consistent colour on any computer or device capable of displaying 8-bit color. Although 8-bit color can display 256 colors only 216 are displayed consistently. Web / Browser safe colours were defined in 1996 when the majority of computers had 8-bit cards

Hex color #0066CC is a web safe color. Inversed color of #0066CC is #FF9933. Grayscale: #525252. Windows color (decimal): -16750900 or 13395456. OLE color: 13395456. HSL color Cylindrical-coordinate representation of color #0066CC: hue angle of 210º degrees, saturation: 1, lightness: 0.4%. HSV value (or HSB Brightness) of color is 0.8% and HSV. These web-safe fonts are a) 100% free to use and b) don't need to be hosted anywhere else for your visitors to see them Find all 30+ options here ⬇️ Click to Tweet 31+ Best Web Safe Fonts. We've compiled a list of over thirty different great-looking web safe fonts you can use to design your website. Let's jump right into it. 1. Aria A HTML color code is an identifier used to represent a color on the web and within other digital assets. Common forms of these codes are as a keyword name, a hexadecimal value, a RGB (red, green, blue) triplet, and a HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) triplet. Each form allows a choice of 16,777,216 colors Hex color #3EE562 is not a web safe color. Web safe color analog (approx): #33CC66. Inversed color of #3EE562 is #C11A9D. Grayscale: #A4A4A4. Windows color (decimal): -12655262 or 6481214. OLE color: 6481214. HSL color Cylindrical-coordinate representation of color #3EE562: hue angle of 132.93º degrees, saturation: 0.76, lightness: 0.57% 216 web-safe color palette with their basic information. #. Hex triplet. Color. RGB. CMYK. 1. #000000. Black

This web safe color chart contains the 216 hex colors from the web safe palette. This chart uses the 6-digit hex code to define the colors. These can be used on any CSS property that accepts a color value. Web safe colors were popular in the late 1990s when most computer monitors were 8-bit and could only display 256 colors Web-Safe Colors. The so-called web-safe color cube consists of the 216 colors common to both PC and Mac platforms that display identically and don't exhibit any color shift or dithering. Most of the time, they do. Web-safe colors are expressed in multiples of 20% and 51 for RGB values, and 33 in hex Web Safe Colors.design is . now <Web Safe Colors. info> <Web Safe Colors. info> The web-safe palette is based on mathematics, rather than aesthetics, and comprises all colours with red, green and blue decimal values of 0, 51, 102, 153, 204 and 255 ( or 00, 33, 66, 99, CC, FF in hex) The 216-Color Webmaster's Palette. This is the world's first look at the entire set of browser safe colors arranged symmetrically by hue. This is the set of colors most universally and consistently supported by web browsers. When designing a web site, it's best to choose font and background colors from this set

Sadly, Windows and Mac systems don't use the same 256 colours, but there is a cross-over of 216 colours which are in both system palettes. So, when I say the following 216 colours are non-dithering or web-safe, it means they will look the exact same on any computer. That's what makes them so useful Tweet. Color Scheme Designer; Overvie Color HTML / CSS Color Name Hex Code #RRGGBB Decimal Code (R,G,B) white: #FFFFFF: rgb(255,255,255) snow: #FFFAFA: rgb(255,250,250) honeydew: #F0FFF0: rgb(240,255,240) mintcream: #F5FFFA: rgb(245,255,250) azure: #F0FFFF: rgb(240,255,255) aliceblue: #F0F8FF: rgb(240,248,255) ghostwhite: #F8F8FF: rgb(248,248,255) whitesmoke: #F5F5F5: rgb(245,245,245) seashell: #FFF5EE: rgb(255,245,238) beig Other colors will be dithered to that color palette. This means that the browser replaces the colors that are not in the fixed palette by the closest matching color in this palette. If you do not want to the browser to dither the colors on a page you should stick to these colors. Web safe palett Names and hex codes of the 256 RGB (web safe) Colours Alphabetical Listing pg2 Name of Colour Colour Hex Code Light salmon #FFA07A Light sea green #20B2A

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Web Safe colors, also known as browser safe colors, were introduced many years ago, when the web was in its infancy. And despite the advances in graphics cards, monitors and browsers, you can still find the web safe palette in many graphics programs Colors that make up #FFA500. W3C Color Name: Orange RGB: 255, 165, 0 - HSL: 0.11, 1.00, 0.50 Web Safe Color: N

Browser-safe colors. The color management system currently used by Web browser software is based on an 8-bit, 216-color (not 256) palette. The browser-safe color palette is a solution devised by Netscape to solve the problem of displaying color graphics in a similar way on many kinds of display screens, with browsers running under different operating systems (such as Macintosh, Windows, and. background-color:navy; background-color:navy !important; filter: none !important I have tried other colors, like blue, and have tried to use just the color codes. I have tried to force compatibility, If you run IE in compatibility, it will display the color correctly. I can never seem to get IE 11 to run compatibility from HTML Web Safe Colors Not all colors can be faithfully reproduced by all browsers, When making web pages, you need to use color names or the hex numbers to designate which color to use. To be sure you are using web-safe colors, use this color picker. It's a snap with the Color Picker. And it's FREE Browser Safe palettes, also referred as Web Safe, consist of 216 colors that display solid, non-dithered, and consistent on any computer monitor, or web browser, capable of displaying at least 8-bit color (256 colors). Jayesh Sonar 02-27-2015 04:07 A Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5, a textbook for a first course in web development. Introduces text, color, and page layout configuration with CSS

HTML Color Picker. HTML Color Picker is the best online tool for choosing colors in hexadecimal , RGB, HSV and CMYK value. It is widely used among web designers and developers. Move the vertical slider to choose color and then click into color square on the left to get HTML color code, All values in input fields are changed Color Safe is a tool to explore beautiful, accessible color palettes for your website based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) A simple tool for visualizing how Web-safe background colors will appear on your site. Web-Safe Colors. This page requires I promise! If you find this useful, consider making a donation to the American Red Cross. as you move your mouse over the color swatches, the hex value will show up here and the background will change color. when you.

The web-safe colors were chosen mathematically, not because they are necessarily the colors you would elect to use most often. RGB codes for web-safe colors are made up of the digit zero plus the other hex digits that are multiples of three: 3, 6, 9, C (12), and F (15) #000033 color RGB value is (0,0,51). This hex color code is also a web safe color which is equal to #003. #000033 hex color red value is 0, green value is 0 and the blue value of its RGB is 51. Cylindrical-coordinate representations (also known as HSL) of color #000033 hue: 0.67 , saturation: 1.00 and the lightness value of 000033 is 0.10 An RGB to HEX chart can be viewed on the 'RGB Web Safe Colour Table' page. A full listing of the X11 Colour Names can be viewed on the 'Colour Names Table' page. top of page. The basic HTML 16 colours web pallete. Netscape allowed pure Reds, Greens, Blues and Greys as additional colors. Pure Colours and Greys; FF00FF: Fuchsia : FFFF00: Yellow. Any color you pick with this option selected is web‑safe. Choose Web Color Sliders from the Color panel menu. By default, web color sliders snap to web‑safe colors (indicated by tick marks) when you drag them. To override web‑safe color selection, Alt-drag (Windows) or Option-drag (Mac OS) the sliders Using Web-Safe Colors Using a Web-safe color table becomes important when you expect to deliver your Web page to viewers who use monitors displaying 256 or fewer colors. On such a monitor, Web browsers dither colors that aren't found in the Web-safe palette

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A long time ago, browsers couldn't even agree on what colors they'd display reliably. HTML5 and CSS3 web developers responded by working within a predefined palette of colors that worked pretty much the same on every browser. Today's browsers have no problems showing lots of colors, but the so-called web-safe color palette is still sometimes [ This list contains all 216 browser safe colors and their HEX codes. Hex codes are used in HTML to change the color of things, such as your background or text. These color's will look the same on almost ALL computer screen's. To use a hex code, just copy the 7 character code for the color that you want, and place it into your script Web-Safe Colors. Each color box below identifies the hexadecimal values and the RGB values for the 216 web-safe colors

#000000 rgb(0,0,0) #000033 rgb(0,0,51) #000066 rgb(0,0,102) #000099 rgb(0,0,153) #0000cc rgb(0,0,204) #0000ff rgb(0,0,255) #003300 rgb(0,51,0) #003333 rgb(0,51,51 Web Safe Colors; HTML Colors; Named Colors; Help. HTML Color Codes / Reference Chart. aliceblue #f0f8ff; antiquewhite #faebd7; aqua / cyan #00ffff; aquamarine #7fffd4; azure #f0ffff; beige #f5f5dc; bisque #ffe4c4; black #000000; blanchedalmond #ffebcd; blue #0000ff; blueviolet #8a2be2; brown #a52a2a; burlywood #deb887; cadetblue #5f9ea0; chartreuse #7fff00; chocolate #d2691e; coral #ff7f50; cornflowerblu When designing a web page or any other UI, it's really hard to take into consideration the special needs of these people. Below you can see the web designer's Color Card with a color scheme that visualizes how people with some sort of color blindness experience colors. Judging by the scheme, we can see how color vision deficiency causes individuals to confuse reds and greens

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  1. This makes these fonts a safe choice to use on websites. Along with each web safe font in this list is a preview image of what it looks like, and the raw CSS code that you can copy and paste directly into your own stylesheet to use the font. These typefaces have remarkable designs and will look great in your projects
  2. The <color> CSS data type represents a color in the sRGB color space.A <color> may also include an alpha-channel transparency value, indicating how the color should composite with its background.. A <color> can be defined in any of the following ways:. Using a keyword (such as blue or transparent); Using the RGB cubic-coordinate system (via the #-hexadecimal or the rgb() and rgba() functional.
  3. #3300ff #30f RGB(51,0,255) #3333ff #33f RGB(51,51,255) #3366ff #36f RGB(51,102,255) #3399ff #39f RGB(51,153,255) #33ccff #3cf RGB(51,204,255) #33ffff #3ff RGB(51,255,255
  4. Award winning HTML and Javascript tutorials. You'll find easy to learn material on HTML, tables, forms, frames, javascript, style sheets and a whole lot more
  5. About Web-safe colors In HTML, colors are expressed either as hexadecimal values (for example, #FF0000) or as color names (red).The colors that are common to Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer on both Windows and Macintosh systems when running in 256-color mode are called Web-safe.The conventional wisdom is that there are 216 common colors, and that any hexadecimal value that.
  6. The zip files below contain: the standard palette of web-safe colours, WebSafe.* the protan palette, Protan.*, simulating Protanopia the deutan palette, Deutan.*, simulating Deuteranopia The available sets are: JASC palette files (2.93KB) for Paintshop Pro or text editors MS format palette files (2.22KB) for Paintshop Pro or Photoshop Adobe format colour tables (1.88KB) for Photosho
  7. Computers with 16 bit color have 65,536 colors and those with only 8 bit color only have 256 colors. So if your traffic stats show you have considerable traffic from third world countries and 8 bit computers then you may want to stick with web safe colors. Hexadecimal Web Safe Color Chart. Used with permission by © 2000 VisiBone. To use these colors set up a class in your CSS file for whichever color you want like this:.red {color:#FF0000;} Then apply it to your document using the Hex code.

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Coolors is an intuitive application which allows us to generate color combinations in a simple way, share palettes, and even export them to different formats like SVG, PDF, or SCSS. http://coolors.co Stylify me. Stylify me provides us with the fundamentals of the style guide of a site including colors, fonts, sizing, and spacing. http://stylifyme.co There are two major types of color blindness: those who have difficulty between red and green, and those who have difficulty distinguishing between blue and yellow. Benefits of Color Friendly Web sites. Aside from making a Web site accessible to visitors who are color blind, there are other benefits to making the site color friendly. These include

Here are some lists of RGB colors: HTML color names: e.g. NavajoWhite, SteelBlue; Pantone color names: e.g. 7542 C, Orange 021 C; Websafe colors: e.g. #F60, #36 Colors.css - A nicer color palette for the web. COLORS A nicer color palette for the web. Tweet. The New Defaults Skinning your prototypes just got easier - colors.css is a collection of skin classes to use while prototyping in the browser. 647 Bytes minified and gzipped. Navy #001f3f. Blue #0074D9. Aqua #7FDBFF color name: hex code: closest web safe color: white: #ffffff: #ffffff: azure: #f0ffff: #ffffff: mintcream: #f5fffa: #ffffff: snow: #fffafa: #ffffff: ivory: #fffff0: #ffffff: ghostwhite: #f8f8ff: #ffffff: floralwhite: #fffaf0: #ffffff: aliceblue: #f0f8ff: #ffffff: lightcyan: #e0ffff: #ccffff: honeydew: #f0fff0: #ffffff: lightyellow: #ffffe0: #ffffff: seashell: #fff5ee: #ffffff: lavenderblush: #fff0f5: #ffffff: whitesmoke: #f5f5f In the Box below, type the following HTML code, then click Check it Out! The HTML document you made will be displayed in your browser. You may wish to change the words within the tags just to try it out. Try typing this: <html> <head><title>Fonts and Colors Are Cool</title> </head> <body> <font color=Yellow face=Arial>Hey I'm Yellow Text..

This color picker will help you fine tune the hex color codes for your web page. First choose whether you wish to play with the Background Color, Text Color, Link Color, Visited Link Color, Active Link Color or Hover Color and check the appropriate round radio button Web safe colors, RGBA, HSL, HSLA, lista de colores HTML - CSS. © aprenderaprogramar.com, 2006-2029 EJERCICIO Crea un documento HTML con 20 divisiones. En las diez primeras divisiones introduce el color RGB 178,34,34 con grados de transparencia desde 0.1 hasta 1.0 (en cada división un punto decimal más de opacidad)

Web Safe GIF Colors. Colors in GIF files are normally represented by combining values for red, green, and blue, each of which ranges from 0 to 255 or in hexadecimal notation, from 00 to FF. With maximum values for all three (which can be coded in HTML as #FFFFFF), the resulting color is white. With minimum values (#000000), the color is black The Web-Safe Colors dialog box is available from the Color palette and Shading palette in any dialog boxes that allow for color selection. • Palette colors — Shows a palette of 216 colors ordered by hue. These 216 colors are considered web-safe because they make up the actual palette Mosaic,.

In Mac OS X, the HTML Color Picker has this option built in. To get to it, in the Colors window, click Color Palettes; then, next to List:, select Web Safe Colors. This is document afrp in the Knowledge Base. Last modified on 2018-01-18 12:06:54. Contact us. For help or to comment, email the UITS Support Center. Connect with UITS Pastel color schemes will definitely win Oscar for the most elegant role among other palettes used in web design. Sites taking minimal approach by using washed out color scheme, call a feeling of sophistication and purity In the past, you had to conscientiously choose which colors you used on the web. Some computer monitors were limited in the number of colors they could display. Nowadays, color monitors are much more advanced and can handle a full range of colors, so images on the web are much more likely to be properly [

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What are Web Fonts? Web Fonts are not installed in a user's computer. They are downloaded in the browser and applied to text while rendering the page. They increase site load time and have limited CSS3 support, especially for older browsers. Why are web safe fonts necessary? In an ideal scenario, you should able to render any font for a website Safe Color Webセーフカラーとは、Red (赤色) Green (緑色) Blue (青色) をそれぞれ6段階 216色(6×6×6) に分けて定義している色の集合体です。 Webセーフカラーで配色するメリットは、OSやコンピューターの性能に大きく左右されず、どの端末で閲覧しても、ほぼ同じ色を再現することができる点です This icon S signifies a Web Safe color. HTML. Custom Colors: Enter new background color: If MSIE (Win v5.x) is your browser, you can click here to make this your default homepage. Screen Settings: This site is best viewed with a 640x480 screen resolution & a 9 or 10 pitch (small) font Choosing safe colours Choosing colours for a web site is made more complex if one takes into consideration the needs of colour-deficient users. This page offers some guidelines to designers, so they can apply their design skills in the context of the limitations inherent in the problem Webセーフカラー:web safe color : 大企業が利用するサービスにも負けないサービスを中小企業や個人の方でも利用できるようより高い品質とより安い価格を追求し続ける、特にSEO対策や更新管理システムに強いWebサイト制作・Webコンサルティングの専門会社です

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  1. HTML / VGA Color X11 RGB Muestra Silver: #C0C0C0 Gray; Lime #00FF00 Green; Magenta: #FF00FF Fuchsia; Cyan #00FFFF Aqu
  2. Older versions of HTML didn't care if you left it out, but some browsers are stricter about this, and f you forget the # sign the browser may not display the color you requested. Web Safe Colors. Nowadays, computers/monitors can display thousands or millions of colors, so the concept of Web safe colors is no longer important. But years ago.
  3. このウェブカラー(英: Web colors このパレットの出典として、これを「Browser Safe color palette Cascading Style Sheetsでは、HTML 4仕様と同じ数(基本の16色)の色を定義している。さらにCSS 2.1はこれにorange.

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  1. HTML Color Table. Color swatches and their Hexadecimal Red Green Blue(RGB) values. Web-safe colors are those that appear the same in Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer on both Windows and Macintosh systems when running in 256-color mode
  2. With Web Safe Colors, get the correct color code to use. Click the color you want and the color code is copied to the clipboard. A solid block of the color and how it looks with text is shown.
  3. AllNamedColors. All named colors (not including System colors) available in the System.Drawing.KnownColor enumeration.. Simple. A small subset of common named colors. WebSafe. The 216 colors considered web-safe; these use only hex values #FF, #CC, #99, #66, #33, and #00 for each of the red, green, and blue components
  4. CSS Web Safe Fonts. Web-safe fonts are fonts that are extremely common and most likely to be present on a wide range of operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux etc. Why Choose Web Safe Fonts. It may be a situation when the fonts you are trying to use on your web pages are not appeared as it should be, because all fonts are not available on.
  5. Buy now from the Pantone official website - hundreds of color tools in stock for graphic design, print, fashion, textiles, and home. Pantone provides a universal language of color that enables color-critical decisions for designers, brands, and manufacturers
HEX color #8000FF, Color name: Electric Indigo, RGB(128,0HEX color #FEFEFE, Color name: White, RGB(254,254,254
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